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Staff Spare Time Series: Drea & The Tiny House

If you've ever visited one of our taprooms, we're sure you've noticed how cool our staff is. When they aren't slinging beers like bosses to all you fine folks, they're studying to become cicerones, playing in two bands, making gourmet popsicles, or BUILDING A TINY HOUSE IN A SCHOOL BUS. We felt it was only appropriate to share some of their unique stories!

First up, we have Drea, one of our Shift Leaders at the Downtown location. Drea and her boyfriend Eric have spent much of their spare time building a tiny house in an old school bus. Between gas leaks, blizzards, and fires, they've pretty much seen it all. Read along to learn about the ups and downs and all arounds of this challenging (but rewarding) DIY renovation!


"My boyfriend, Eric, and I spend our spare time building a tiny house in a school bus! We were inspired by our friends, John and Debbie, who are currently living the dream out of their bus in Pensacola. We love the idea of a school bus tiny house because it allows us to live life a little differently. A tinier space inside the home gives us the opportunity to broaden our options outside of the home. As an added bonus, having a house on wheels gives us the freedom to call wherever we want home. 

The most rewarding things about the school bus are also the greatest obstacles: not knowing how to do anything we're doing! We purchased this bad boy in September 2015, and we haven’t stopped learning new things since. This was a very mighty project to take on. Most school bus homes you see have the original bus roof....not ours. Eric cut the roof off, and raised it in order to create a taller space inside (he's pretty tall so he wanted to be able to completely stand up in the bus).

Just like the weather, we can always count on our bus for two things: throwing us curveballs and facilitating conversations with strangers. Between mufflers falling apart, gas tanks leaking while pulled off at a gas station in a blizzard, and tires catching on fire, we’ve learned to just take a deep breath and roll with the punches. Being able to see each step of our progress towards completion makes every headache so worth it in the end.

When we’re all done, we’re super excited to take it on a cross country road trip with our doggos! We’re ready to take a year long (or more) vacation, hitting as many state parks and hiking trails as we can. With solar panels and our own water supply, we’ll be all set to go wherever, whenever!"

Published August 9, 2019.

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