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Double Indigo Release

Perilous Straits / Wheat Double IPA / 8%

Like a lighthouse guiding the way, White Wheat shines as the foundation of this IPA with a vibrant orange juice like color. Mackinac, a relatively new hop out of Michigan, navigates your palate through notes bursting with papaya candy, cantaloupe sorbet, and tropical drinks on the lakeshore beach. Joining Mackinac in its juicy adventure are the notably luscious Mosaic & Simcoe hops, boosting the overall pitted & tropically dank liquid experience. Step aboard. The destination you seek often requires the passage of perilous straits.

Mounting Suspicion / Coffee Stout featuring @pilcrowcoffee / 6.5%

Flaked oats and chocolate wheat build the foundation for this rich and velvety stout that can withstand any cold day. The addition of honey malt foreshadows the warmer weather ahead. What ties everything together is the addition of a coffee blend from our friends at Pilcrow, labeled "Cold as Heck", what better describes a WI winter than that. With notes of caramel, oak, and dark chocolate, the result is a beautifully complex beer that straddles the lines of cold and warm, dark and light. As suspicions mount, the invitation is to lean in.


Art: Julia Mielke

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