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Seek the Good

We set out to build a brewery around the motto "Seek the Good." We asked ourselves, "what would it look like to run a business as if we were given a key to the city?" We decided that for us this means a commitment to three values as a brewery: (1) excellence, (2) people, and (3) place. Seek the Good Podcast tells the stories of risk takers and others who inspire us to live out these values and who are actively making Milwaukee a Good City.

Episode seven

Nik Kovac


David sits down with Alderman Nik Kovac to discuss his decision to put down roots in Milwaukee, passion for the Packers, the increase in city density, and what makes Milwaukee a good city.

About Nik

Nik Kovac was born and raised on Milwaukee’s East Side.After attending Harvard University and working as a journalist in New York City, he returned to Milwaukee to work for the Shepherd Express and Riverwest Currents. Since April 2008, he has been the Alderman for Milwaukee’s 3rd District, which includes the East Side, Riverwest and North Downtown neighborhoods.

Episode six

Mary Pellettieri

Founder, Top Note Tonics

David sits down with Mary Pellettieri to sample a Radler and beer cocktail as well as to discuss Mary's extensive background in the beer industry that led her to start her own local company, Top Note Tonics.

About Mary

With a background in microbiology and a 20-year career working for breweries such as Goose Island and MillerCoors, Mary is the recognized expert on quality in the beer industry. Not only did she write the go-to book Quality Management but she was also recently named the first Quality Instructor by the Brewers Association. As founder of local company Top Note Tonics, Mary is leveraging her experience and expertise to disrupt the tonic and soda markets.

Episode five


Dan, Andy and David sit down to reflect back on 1 year in business.

About Dan, Andy & David

Dan, Andy and David founded Good City in 2016 out of a passion for Milwaukee and craft beer.

Episode four

Dave Ribbens

Renaissance Man

David sits down with Dave Ribbens to discuss his background growing up on a farm, career in investment management, passion for entrepreneurship, and the work that went into building the Good City bar, table tops and taproom furniture.

About Dave

Dave Ribbens is a builder. Following a 30 year career in investment management, Dave currently serves on the Board of Directors for Northwestern Mutual and operates his own consulting firm, Distribution Team Alpha, which helps emerging managers build and grow their businesses. Dave has a passion for wood working and entrepreneurship, which led him to building the Good City bar, table tops and taproom lounge furniture.

Episode three

Jeff Gray

Sales Guru & Beer Sherpa

David sits down with our final launch team member, Jeff Gray, to discuss his passion for craft beer and socially responsible business and how it all came together for him at Good City.

About Jeff

Jeff helps sell Good City beer to the fine city of Milwaukee.  He has a background in non profit management and beer. Prior to Good City Jeff worked for a couple distributors before helping launch the Malt Shoppe, one of the areas first bottle shops.

Episode two

Ray Sachs

Head Brewer - Good City Brewing

David sits down with head brewer and jack of all trades, Ray Sachs, to talk about how he developed a passion for beer, Brewtilda, the importance of details, and his decision to leave a successful career in architecture in order to take a risk on pursuing a passion for brewing.

About Ray

For the past 30 years Ray has enjoyed a successful career in architecture, working on some of Milwaukee's most prominent projects.  This past May he decided to leave a career he loved in order to follow a passion for brewing beer. He is now the head brewer at Good City, working in tandem with brewmaster and co-founder Andy Jones to make delicious beer for a Good City.

Episode one

Guy Davies

Head Chef - Good City Brewing

For our inaugural episode, David sits down with Brewery Chef Guy Davies to discuss his native Australia, world travels, Dutch Pirates, food, and his decision to put down roots in Milwaukee.

About Guy

A native of Australia, Guy has traveled and cooked around the world. His wanderlust came ended when he visited and fell in love with Milwaukee years ago. Guy put down roots in Milwaukee having cooked in many of our well known restaurants. Before Good City Guy was Executive Chef at Bartolotta's Rumpus Room gastropub.