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Harvest Time

Harvest Time

Wet Hop IPA
7% abv

Brewed with freshly harvested Cashmere and Chinook wet hops from Michigan. Wet hop (or “fresh hop” or “harvest”) beers are those brewed using hops harvested shortly before brewing, fresh off the vine. These beers are made at the end of summer and early fall when hops are ready to pick. Most beers are brewed using dried hot pellets, which are easier to preserve and manage making them more economical and easy to use. “Wet hops” are generally more aromatic and have higher levels of oil and acidity, yielding sharp, earthy, and very flavorful beers.

Cashmere hops lend an herbal aroma with flavors of lemon, lime, and melon, while Chinook hops are a little more assertive, offering pine and spice.