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cabana split

cabana split

Banana Coconut IPA
6% abv

Malt: 2row, Flaked and Malted Wheat, Melaniodin
Hops: Wakatu, Sabro, Nectaron
Additions: Toasted Coconut

Tasting Notes:
Pina colada with a banana smoothie chaser. Hard to pinpoint which tropical punch flavor is crushing your taste buds. Pineapple, melon and citrus zest. The body of this beer enhances the blended tiki vibes with a luscious wheat heft. Tastes like a hefeweizen got caught in the bermuda triangle and was shipwrecked in the Bahamas. Dedicated to all the Tom Cruise 'Cocktail' fans out there.

Watch this video of Head Brewer Dane and Sales Manager Bevan discussing this brew!