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Year-Round Beers

You can expect a well-rounded set of exceptional beers in the taproom available year round. We strive clean flavors and approachable, drinkable beers.

  • Clean Cut

    Session IPA ABV: 4.7%

    A low gravity Session IPA that showcases Amarillo, Citra and Centennial for a fruity/pine/citrus profile. An extremely refreshing and drinkable beer that makes you want to go outside and mow the lawn. Beards beware. Seek the Good.

  • Counterpoint

    Pale Lager ABV: 6.7%

    A surprisingly harmonious combination of lager and ale styles. Brewed with US Pilsner and German Munich malt for a touch more sweetness. German Hallertau Blanc, US El Dorado, and New Zealand Wakatu hops create a very distinctive white wine and lemon/lime candy character. Old meets New. Seek the Good.

  • Dapper

    British Session Ale ABV: 4.2%

    A very proper session ale that is a "mash-up" of low-alcohol, hyper drinkable British beer styles. Made with 100% UK-grown Maris Otter barley and East Kent Golding and Fuggle hops. Grassy, herbal and wonderful. Get dapper. Seek the Good.

  • Detail

    Porter ABV: 5.4%

    Our head brewer, Ray, pored over the details as both the architect of this recipe and as an architect in his former life before Good City. A classic Robust Porter with a clean and balanced roasted malt profile, right down the middle between chocolate and coffee-like. Get lost in the details that matter. Seek the Good.

  • Motto

    Mosaic Pale Ale ABV: 5.2%

    We knew what kind of beer we wanted to be about and went to great lengths to source the hop to make it happen. The result is a single malt/single hop brew with Crisp Pale Ale malt and Mosaic hops. Character of juicy tropical fruit and resinous pine undertone. Stand for something. Seek the Good.

  • Pils

    Pilsner ABV: 5.2%

    A fresh take on a style that Milwaukee was built on. Brewed with classic Bohemian lager yeast and US Pils malt for a crisp, clean tone that is light-colored and light-bodied. Assertively hopped with German Tettnang and Saphir hops. Know where you come from and where you are going. Seek the Good.

  • Reward

    Double IPA ABV: 8.5%

    The bigger and very different brother of our Risk IPA. Reward features a dry malt profile and Citra, Amarillo and Eureka hops. The result is a dank hop aroma with tropical fruit and distinct pineapple character backed up with a floral/tangerine hop flavor. The bigger the Risk the greater the Reward. Seek the Good.

  • Risk

    IPA ABV: 6.5%

    After 4 pilot batches of this recipe we knew it was time to stop talking about opening a brewery and actually start taking a risk. Brewed with only pale ale malt for a very dry and cleanly malty undertone. Simcoe and Centennial hops lend a very balanced profile tending toward pine and citrus. Take a risk on the things that are important to you. Seek the Good.

Seasonal Beers

Now that we are launched, look for ever changing beers in the taproom that align with our brewing principles and impart the best of that season.

  • Argent

    Nitro Irish Red ABV: 5%

    Just in time for St. Patrick's Day comes this smooth, subtly spicy, and earthy red ale.

  • BFG

    Barleywine ABV: 11.5%

    Big Friendly Goodness in a glass. This American-style Barleywine is brewed with malted rye for a distinct red color and subtle spicy note. Balanced and deceptively drinkable for such a big beer. Be bold, be friendly. Seek the Good.

  • Bonza

    Southern Hemisphere IPA ABV: 6.5%

    "Bonza" is Aussie speak for that which is excellent and good. A seasonal IPA hailing from the native home of our Brewery Chef Guy Davies, Bonza is brewed with Chilean malts and Rakau and Summer hops from New Zealand/Australia. Explore all the good things in life. Seek the Bonza, Mate.

  • En Fleur

    Session Saison ABV: 3.8%

    Our first foray into Belgian style ales, made for the Sugar Maple Avril Challenge. Brewed with Pilsner malt and malted white wheat, this pale, slightly hazy beer has notes of spicy clove and fruity esters from the traditional saison yeast. Tart, dry and refreshingly drinkable at 3.8% ABV, with hints of summer berries and orange peel from Huell Melon and Mandarina Bavaria hops. 

  • Film Fest Lager

    Märzen ABV: 5.6%

    Brewed in collaboration with our friends at Milwaukee Film Festival, this highly-drinkable, Märzen-style festbier is full of flavors that sing of fall: light amber color with rocky white head, slightly sweet and biscuity malt character, and mild, spicy/herbal German hop profile. Celebrate creativity. Seek the Good.

  • Lord Lyon

    Scotch Ale ABV: 8.5%

    Lord Lyon bestows honor as the Scottish authority who officially grants coats of arms. Similalry, this Scotch Ale seeks to honor your palate with a sweet malt body, earthy hops, and slight smokiness. Live well. Seek the Good.

  • Sonoma Pride

    West Coast Pale Ale ABV: 5.5%

    A West Coast Pale Ale featuring Azacca and Idaho 7 hops.  Portion of proceeds from Sonoma Pride go towards supporting victims of California wildfires.  Seek the Good.

  • Stadt

    Smoked Lager ABV: 5.6%

    We missed our Film Fest Oktoberfest-style Lager so much that we decided to reincarnate a smoked version for the colder winter months. Brewed with German beechwood-smoked malted barley, this smooth and pleasant lager has a balanced sweetness, a medium smokiness and just a touch of German herbal hop character. Prost!

  • Strahl

    Hefeweizen ABV: 5.8%

    Jacob, one of our brewers, designed a hop forward Hefeweizen brewed with Mandarina Bavaria and Huell Melon hops.  Strahl is German for "ray" or "beam", which is perfect because our Head Brewer Ray Sachs is a beam of light in the brewery. At least that's what Jacob wants Ray to think so that Ray will leave him alone and let Jacob brew in peace. Be a Ray of light. Seek the Good.

  • Varietal #6: Belgian Wit

    Belgian Wit ABV: 4.9%

    The 6th in our "Varietal Series" that explores different hops, this Belgian style wheat showcases Huell Melon hops along with orange peel and coriander. Seek Summer. Seek the Good.

Specialty Beers

We just launched in June of 2017 and we're brewing our butts off - please standby for new beers coming soon.

  • BA Sante Saison

    Barrel Aged Saison ABV: 7%

    The fourth in our barrel aging series, Sante is a classic saison aged in French oak chardonnay barrels. 

  • BBA Density

    Imperial Stout ABV: 11.2%

    Our Bourbon Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout returns.  An ode to dense and walkable neighborhoods.  Seek the Good.

  • Density

    Imperial Stout ABV: 10.8%

    A behemoth of a beer, this Imperial Stout is an ode to the goodness of dense and walkable neighborhoods. Density features lots of roast character with a distinct burnt toffee note coming from the addition of molasses in the kettle. Build up your neighborhood. Seek the Good.

  • Dr J

    New England IPA ABV: 7%

    Designed by our own Andy "Dr" Jones, Dr. J is an East Coast style IPA brewed on the East Side of Milwaukee.

  • Nitro Milk Stout

    Milk Stout ABV: 4.8%

  • Rye Barrel Aged Lord Lyon

    Barrel Aged Scotch Ale ABV: 8.8%

  • Varietal #4: Idaho 7

    IPA ABV: 6.5%

    The fourth in our Varietal Series, this IPA showcases the Idaho 7 hop variety with big notes of pungent tropical fruit.

  • Varietal #5: Mandarina

    Pale Ale ABV: 5.2%

    We continue our Varietal Series with this Pale Ale showcasing German Mandarina Bavaria hops. Much like our Motto Mosaic Pale Ale, this pale has a lightly sweet, biscuity malt body. The Mandarina hops lend a bright tangerine and orange peel character to this refreshing brew. Seek the Good.


  • Varietal #7: Denali

    Double IPA ABV: 8.5%

    Next up in our Varietal Series, this Double IPA showcases the Denali hop's rich pineapple, citrus and pine flavors.

  • Varietal #8: Centennial Triple IPA

    Triple IPA ABV: 10%

    The next up in our Varietal Series, this Triple IPA showcases the Centennial hop.

  • Varietal Series #1: Exp #07270

    IPA ABV: 6.5%

    The first of a series of beers brewed to showcase specific hop varieties, this IPA uses a yet-unnamed experimental hop from Hopsteiner: Exp #07270. Dank aroma of overripe peach and apricot with an interesting spicy hint of green onion. The flavor is heavily pine, citrus and ripe mango, with a dry, malty backbone. 

  • Varietal Series #2: Galaxy Triple IPA

    Triple IPA ABV: 10%

    The second in our Varietal Series, this Triple IPA showcases the Galaxy hop variety.

  • Varietal Series #3

    Crystal Black IPA ABV: 6.8%

    For the third in our Varietal Series, we decided to focus on a classic American hop: Crystal. This descendant of German and American hop varieties has an herbal, citrusy character that goes well with the mild, smooth roasty notes in this Black IPA.

  • Vielendampf (Prost Collaboration)

    Dampfbier ABV: 5.4%

    An old German style brewed in collaboration by old friends, Good City's Andy Jones and Prost Brewing's Colin Ford. Brewed with barley and wizen yeast, this less known Dampfbier style features banana clove flavors with a  surprisingly dry finish. Old Meets New. Seek the Good.